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Terms & Conditions




Mirama Hills Safaris arranges for you tour journey in Uganda. In these terms and conditions, “you” and “your(s)” means all persons named on the booking form/contract (including anyone who is added or substituted at a later date) while “Company”, “We” and “Us” means Mirama Hills Safaris.

You are humbly advised to read these terms and conditions, as your confirmation of conducting your tour expedition/safari with us implies that you have fully read and understood the same.


1. Application of these terms and conditions:

Your travel with us or your contract with us in respect to your expedition/safari and all bookings are subject to these terms and conditions. For the avoidance of doubt, these terms and conditions shall always be read and taken to form part of your contract with us and all transactions with us.


2. Price of trip includes:

Private Ground transport (motor vehicle and fuel in 4 x 4), Safari guide, gorilla/chimpanzee permits mentioned in the itinerary, entry cost to all parks mentioned in the itinerary, all activities introduced (boat, rafting and so on), all meals and accommodation. As long as nothing else has been agreed upon.


3. Communications and documents:

All communications by the Company in relation to your safari will be sent to you from our official mail We will only reach you using our alternate mail of when we have technical issues with our webmail. On receipt of your inquiry/request to organize for you a tour expedition, we will support our confirmation of receipt of your inquiry with a confirmation telephone call using the company’s official telephone numbers 256755180551 and 256777650475 (Offical WhatsApp Number). All documents including your invoices, contract with us and receipts shall be made on the company’s document papers and shall bear the company seal.

The company shall not assume liability for any losses you may incur as a result of failure to transact with us in compliance with the above mentioned communication procedure.


4. Means of payment:

Payment from outside Uganda can be done through bank transfer to our dollar account in Uganda or through credit card payment via PesaPal (at fee of 3.5%). Fees for transfer is paid in full by the client. We accept payment in cash when in Uganda.


5. Adjustments after booking:

If you want to make changes in your itinerary after booking we will arrange for this if it is possible. Note that the dates for gorilla and chimpanzee trekking can not be adjusted after booking.


6. Vehicles:

We strive towards keeping our motor vehicles in the best of roadworthy condition. Despite this punctures, breakdowns, damage or any other delay that can occur due to poor road conditions which are certainly out of our control, thereafter no liability can be accepted.


7. Payment:

We will ask you for a down payment in connection with making the booking, of around 1/3 of the total price (this payment always includes the gorilla permits since these have to be secured right away and the down payment can be higher then 1/3 if you have for example luxury accommodation, special activities or flights that need to be paid straight away). At the latest one month prior to the start of the safari a second payment should be made, covering around 1/3 of total price. At the latest by the starting day of the safari the last payment should be made. Bookings made within one month of departure means that you pay 2/3 in connection to booking. After receipt of first down payment Mirama Hills Safaris will take necessary steps to secure bookings of items specified in the itinerary.


8. Price does not include:

International flights (unless special agreement), visa fees, drinks, items of personal use, tips and activities mentioned as optional.


9. Changes in itinerary:

In the case of unforeseen circumstances (such as road closures, bad weather, security conditions or problems with hotels) We reserves the right to make adjustments in the itinerary. You will off-course be informed about this as soon as possible.


10. During safari:

The animals in the parks are wild so no guarantees can be given of good sightings during game drives or trekking, but rangers and our guides will do their at most best to make sure you get a great experience. We reserve the right to refuse any client behaving in a way that can cause danger/inconvenience to any third party, damage to property, environments or ecosystems to continue the trip. In such a case no refunds will be made and we will not be liable for expenses occurring due to termination.


11. Cancellations:

– 60> days to start of safari 10% charge.

– 59-32 days to start of safari 25% charge.

– 31-8 days to start of safari 50% charge.

– 7-3 days to start of safari 75% charge.

– 2-0 days to start of safari 100% charge.

– Gorilla permits and flight tickets are excluded from percentages above and are 100% non-refundable.


12. Complaints:

Any issues that occur during the safari should be reported immediately to the guide and we’ll do our best to resolve it. If an issue has not been solved to the client’s satisfaction a written complaint should be e-mailed to us no later than 30 days after finishing the safari.


13. Liability:

Mirama Hills Safaris can not accept liability or pay compensation for unforeseen circumstances that are out of our control. This includes flight delays/cancellations, war/threat of war, riots, civil unrest, terrorist attacks, border closure, acts of the government, strikes, thefts, epidemics, road closure, natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, fire, technical/mechanical problems to transport due to bad roads and similar events beyond the company’s control.


14. Insurance:

It is the clients responsibility to make sure that they have sufficient coverage with a travel insurance.


15. Health:

It is the responsibility of the client to insure that proper medical precautions (immunisations and so on) have been taken.


16. Dispute resolution and Governing Laws:

Any dispute that may arise from any contract with the company shall initially be resolved by mutual discussions and reconciliation. Where reconciliation fails, parties shall refer the matter to an authorized arbitrator in Uganda.


The Laws of the Republic of Uganda shall govern any safari arrangements with the company.

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